Event Rules / Price Schedule

1.         We charge $5.00 per person for receptions/parties, etc. for renting the ballroom facility.  We have a $100.00 minimum fee and $1,000.00 maximum fee.  This cost is seperate from your caterer's cost. We use the number that you provide your caterer (for preparing the food) x $5.00 to figure the fee.  We do not “count heads” on the day of the event.   

2.         WHEN FOOD IS SERVED AT THE EVENT, A PROFESSIONAL CATERER FROM THE PAGE HOUSE CATERING LIST MUST BE SECURED BY THE PARTY RENTING THE BALLROOM FACILITIES.    The Page House does not provide any food or paper/disposable products for any event (other than breakfast for our overnight guests).  

3.         Live music (i.e. bands, d.j.’s, etc.), other than the piano alone, is permitted only when the whole house is rented for the event.  A special rate of $500.00 for all six bedrooms is offered in this case.  This is in addition to the “per person” charge for the ballroom rental.  

4.         Deposit requirements: A non-refundable deposit in the amount of 25% of the total estimated bill is required in order to hold the date open at the Page House for your event.  Increment payments may be required depending on the balance, but in any case, THE BALANCE MUST BE PAID IN FULL  PRIOR TO THE START OF THE EVENT. 

5.         Alcoholic beverages: Page House allows wine and champaigne only to be served at your event.   No other alcohol (i.e. beer, liquor, open bar, etc.)  is permitted to be served. 

6.         Page House requests all receptions/parties be over by 9:00 p.m., unless you have rented the entire house for the evening.   

7.         Page House can accommodate a maximum of 250 people in a stand-up reception and 75 people in a seated dinner.  Depending upon the number in your party, we may have to rent some tables and/or chairs, which would be an additional charge. 

8.         Page House can supply dishes and flatware for a maximum of 75 people.  Depending upon the number in your party and type of event, your caterer may have to supplement. 

9.         No red punch is permitted to be served due to the staining factor. 

10.       No bird seed, no sparklers, no bubbles, and no confetti. Rose petals are preferred.

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